Welcome to the
„Karlshorst History Tours“ !

On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of Karlshorst a total of 10 smartphone supported neighbourhood walks show all historically relevant places in Karlshorst. Especially for the „Day of Generations“ 3 more tours have been put together from the highlights of the existing tours plus some new stations. All information is presented in three languages (German/English/Russian). For some tours a soundtrack in German is also available. The historical photos included have been carefully selected and bring the places to life.

This project, which is not intended to make a profit, is a voluntary project and the official contribution of the „Geschichtsfreunde Karlshorst im Kulturring in Berlin e.V.“ to the 125th anniversary of Karlshorst. The contents and photos were compiled by the „Geschichtsfreunde Karlshorst“, and guest contributions can also be found at some stations (e.g. „Deutsch-Russisches Museum“, „Theatergasse für Alle“ and „Stadtteilzentrum iKARUS“). During the whole construction of this web-app we worked to the best of our knowledge and conscience, and we respected the copyrights of texts and photos. Should there be any infringements or corresponding claims, please contact us immediately. If you find any mistakes in the content or if you would like to contribute additions and photos, please do not hesitate to contact us. This project is not finished but lives on being expanded and improved. This is especially true for the English and Russian translations. We are happy to accept linguistic corrections and work them in continuously. E-Mail contact: geschichtsfreunde-karlshorst[at]kulturring.berlin

The „Geschichtsfreunde Karlshorst“ received financial support for the construction and operation of the necessary technical environments from the „Kiezfonds Lichtenberg“, the „BVV Lichtenberg“ and the „Bezirkskulturfonds Lichtenberg“. Many thanks for this! The web-based application was technically realised by the agency „3MAL1“ in Karlshorst. Many thanks also for this!

Rules of the game and how it works

The functionality of the app is relatively easy to explain. In any case a smartphone or tablet is required. Both Android and Apple operating systems are supported. A QR Code Reader and a navigation tool (e.g. Google Maps) should be installed.

Select a tour, open the starting point and let yourself be navigated to the place (in this context also called station or historical point). There are three types of stations:

  1. Historical main places, quasi tourist hot spots, which are worth to be shown. These are often sights with a world historical background. At these points there is a question to be answered, which usually can only be answered on site. In some places a QR code must be scanned for this purpose. Questions and scannable codes are explicitly pointed out. You cannot actually miss them. If the answer is correct, a letter is stored on the respective terminal device. All letters together result in a solution word or even a sentence at the end. This solution is needed at the end in order to be able to prove at the final that one has really completed the tour. Finally, beautiful gifts and surprises await the honest graduates.
  2. Historical places, which are more of local historical relevance. Even if these stops do not contribute to the solution, they contain great information and trivia, which even native Karlshorstern might not be aware of.
  3. Reference points, which are needed for optimal navigation. They can also contain interesting information, but also non-historical content.

For optimal game enjoyment the following rules should be followed:

  1. Move on foot, scooter or bicycle! The distances between the individual stations are short and Karlshorst is not so big that a car would be justified.
  2. Don’t leave out any stations if you want to become a true connoisseur of history. After all, you want to be able to have your say later.
  3. Do not cheat! If you run out of time, interrupt the tour and continue it at a later time.

The „Geschichtsfreunde Karlshorst“ wish all participants lots of fun on our Karlshorst History Tours! If you would like to join our club, please do not hesitate to contact us! Our e-mail address: geschichtsfreunde-karlshorst[at]kulturring.berlin